The Antarctic Peninsula region, the subject area of the critically acclaimed The Storied Ice, is not only a place of staggering scenic beauty and amazing wildlife but also a locale with a long and fascinating human history. The Storied Ice vividly recounts mankind’s adventures here, from Magellan through the first years of the 21st century, including, of course, Shackleton’s amazing Endurance expedition epic. Not only is Shackleton’s story here, excitingly retold, but the reader will find many other less familiar, fascinating adventures — tales of early explorers, sealers, whalers, Antarctic Heroic Age expeditions, pioneer aviators and scientists. All are woven together into a coherent whole, placing the individually exciting tales in a historical context that breathes new life into even the best known of them.

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Joan Boothe has been fascinated with stories of Antarctic adventure and exploration since childhood. In 1995, after many years working in the world of business and finance, she made her first trip to Antarctica Many more trips south have followed. When she’s not in Antarctica, Joan lives in San Francisco, California. Click here to read more about Joan.

Joan welcomes comments or questions about The Storied Ice or other matters Antarctic. She may be contacted at joannboothe@joannboothe.com.